Xiamen Metro Line 2

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Project Name: Xiamen Metro Line 2

Industry: Municipal Engineering

Project location: Xiamen, Fujian

Project scale: 41.64 kilometers

Products used: fire power monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system



        Xiamen Metro Line 2 is the second line of Xiamen Metro to start operation. It starts at Tianzhushan Station, passes through Haicang District, Siming District, and Huli District, and runs through Maluanwan New Town, Haicang New Town, Xiamen International Cruise Center, and Yun Danghu, Jiangtou, and Guanyin Mountain stop at Wuyuanwan Station and generally move from east to west. The length of the line is about 41.64 kilometers. There are 32 stations on the whole line. With the operation of Xiamen Metro Line 2, Xiamen ushered in the first The two subway lines signify that Xiamen Metro has truly entered the "transfer era" from single line to double line, which will further promote the development of Kunming.



Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. provided a complete set of design plans, construction plans and system solutions for the electrical fire monitoring system and fire-fighting equipment power supply monitoring system used in the project, which fully provided improvements for the Xiamen Metro Line 2 project. Safe and accurate fire alarm signals and control signals indicate the alarm location in time and accurately. This will ensure the safe operation of Metro Line 2 and the safety of people’s lives and property.


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