Zhuhai Opera House Project

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Project Name: Zhuhai Opera House

Industry: Large commercial complex

Project scale: building area of 59,000 square meters

Project location: Zhuhai, Guangdong

Products used: electrical fire monitoring system


Zhuhai Grand Theater is located on the seashore of Yelidao, Lovers Road, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province. It is the only opera house built on an island in China. The Zhuhai Grand Theater is composed of two groups of "shells", one large and one small, forming the overall image of the opera house, so it is called "sun and moon shells". Since the construction started on April 28, 2010, it has been attracting attention. Zhuhai Grand Theater is a landmark building in Zhuhai City, designed by Professor Chen Keshi, with a building area of 59,000 square meters. The opera house includes a 1,550-seat grand theater, a 550-seat multifunctional small theater, etc. The large and small theaters are presented in the shape of sun and moon double shells, reflecting the mountains, sea, and islands together, becoming a unique landscape on the road for lovers.


For the electrical fire monitoring system used in this project, our company Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric provides a complete set of design plans, construction plans and system solutions for it, and fully provides safe and accurate fire alarm signals and control for all areas of the opera house. Signal, in case of emergencies, it can promptly and accurately indicate the alarm location. So as to ensure the safe operation of the facilities of the opera house and the safety of people's lives and property.

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