Hengqin Port and Comprehensive Transportation Hub Development Project

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Project Name: Hengqin Port and Comprehensive Transportation Hub Development Project

Industry: Large commercial complex

Project: Zhuhai, Guangdong

Project scale: 1.3 million square meters

Products used: electrical fire monitoring system, energy consumption monitoring and management system





The Hengqin Port Comprehensive Transportation Hub has a total investment of 26 billion yuan and a construction area of about 1.3 million square meters. It integrates travel inspection, transportation, office, commercial, and apartment functions, and mainly covers port function areas, integrated transportation hub function areas, and ports Comprehensive development and supporting three functional systems.

        It is understood that the new Hengqin Port is a landmark facility for the interconnection of infrastructure between Zhuhai Hengqin and Macau under the "One Country, Two Systems". Zhuhai Hengqin Port was officially opened on August 18! The daily customs clearance volume exceeds 220,000, and the daily customs clearance vehicles exceed 7,000. The annual customs clearance volume may reach 80 million.

The Hengqin Port and Comprehensive Transportation Hub Development Project is divided into three areas: Area A, Area B, and Area C, and is fully monitored by the Zhuhai Datang Smart Electric Energy Management Monitoring System.

In recent years, with the successive introduction of building energy conservation management standards and online energy consumption monitoring management standards, energy efficiency has received more and more attention and attention. The Zhuhai Datang Smart Energy Management and Monitoring System can provide effective data support for enterprise energy consumption and energy conservation.

        The low-voltage smart electrical system is to realize the comprehensive monitoring and management of the low-voltage power distribution system through network communication and intelligence, including all-round power monitoring, low-voltage integrated protection devices, operation and maintenance management and energy consumption monitoring and management. Real-time monitoring and management of the power consumption data and operating status of all low-voltage feeder circuits, and timely detection of potential power safety hazards, so as to provide early warning and notify operation and maintenance personnel to troubleshoot or eliminate hidden dangers.

       No matter how good energy-saving equipment is, it cannot manage waste or exert energy-saving effects. By adding automatic energy-saving equipment, formulating equipment operation strategies, reducing human intervention, and centralized management and control, energy-saving equipment is achieving energy conservation. The results of energy-saving renovation are quantified through the same-quarter analysis data provided by the energy consumption monitoring system, and the energy-saving effect is displayed.