Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Project

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Project Name: Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Project

Project Industry: Medicine

Project location: Nanning, Guangxi

Project Scale: The total construction area is 77225.78 square meters

Products used: Power monitoring system


Guangxi Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is located at Jinyang Road, Jiangnan Economic Development Zone, Nanning City. It is a pharmaceutical company that produces and sells Chinese and Western patent medicine preparations, chemical raw materials, and mainly produces Guangxi ethnic "Zhuang medicine". It is the national gastric medicine production base and plays a pivotal role in the pharmaceutical industry in Guangxi.

Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. provided a complete set of design plans, construction plans and system solutions for the Zhuhai Datang multifunctional instrument and power monitoring system used in the project, fully providing a comprehensive range for Nanning Baihui Pharmaceutical Group Project Power data monitoring. Real-time monitoring of the operating status of electrical equipment and real-time monitoring of electrical parameters.