Jiangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd. project

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Project name: Jiangxi Copper Industry Co., Ltd. project

Industry: Petrochemical/Light Industry/Metallurgy

Project scale: total construction area

Project location: Nanchang, Jiangxi

Products used: multi-function digital display meter and power monitoring system



Established in July 1979, Jiangxi Copper Industry Group Corporation is a large-scale joint enterprise integrating copper mining, selection, smelting and addition in China’s non-ferrous metal industry. It is China’s largest production base for copper products and an important raw material for sulfide industry. Origin of gold and silver and rare metals. The company is headquartered in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, with approximately 28,000 employees. In 2008, the company achieved the overall listing of its major assets.

Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. provided a complete set of design schemes, construction schemes and system solutions for the multi-functional digital display instrument and back-end power monitoring system used in the project, which fully served the Jiangxi Copper Group Co., Ltd. project Provide comprehensive power data monitoring. Real-time monitoring of the operating status of electrical equipment and real-time monitoring of electrical parameters. So far, the project's software and hardware and all terminal configurations are all in a stable and excellent operating state, which is highly praised!