Development trend of industrial control automation

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In recent decades, with the rapid development of ICT technology, industrial automatic control system and instrument technology has made rapid progress, showing the characteristics of miniaturization, digitization, intellectualization, networking and integration.

Generally speaking, industrial automation has two main fields: Process Automation (PA) supported by process (fluid motion) control technology and factory automation (FA or discrete production automation) supported by motion control technology. The former starts from the traditional analog loop instrument, integrates ICT control technology, and develops into distributed (or distributed) control system DCS. Its high reliability, convenient configuration software, rich control algorithm, open networking ability and other advantages have become the mainstream of computer industrial control system. It is widely used in the automatic control of large-scale process equipment, such as large-scale chemical plant, thermal power plant, etc.

Programmable logic controller (PLC): Based on relay technology and integrated ICT technology, the electrical control of equipment is realized in a programmed way. PLC has the advantages of compact structure, fast response, good environmental adaptability and reliability (vibration, noise, dust, oil, etc.), strong anti-interference ability and low price. It is another mainstream control system that keeps pace with DCS.

The technical route of industrial automatic control shows the trend of mutual penetration and integration. The application scope of PLC extends to small and medium-sized process control system, short-range maintenance service system, energy-saving monitoring and other fields, and replaces DCS in some applications. DCs also uses PLC and industrial control computer to network together. The general trend is to be more open (detailed division of labor and cooperation), standardization, productization and integration.

Since 1990s, fieldbus technology FCS has developed rapidly. This is a digital intelligent instrument and measurement and control equipment installed in the production site. It is a multi-point communication, fully distributed and open bottom control network system between the automatic control device or system.

After decades of hard work, the industrial control industry in the world has formed an oligopoly situation in which a small number of multinational companies produce on a large scale and carve up the global market. At present, there are only a few dozen of the original hundreds of manufacturers. The most famous ones, such as Siemens, abb, Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Phoenix, etc., all of their industrial control products are said to have the functions of DCS / PLC / FCS, and have won market reputation in terms of quality, price and after-sales service.

Industrial informatization is the product of the integration of electronic communication technology (ICT) and advanced manufacturing technology, and is the comprehensive result of equipment controllability, applicability of measurement and control equipment and information optimization application. Automatic control system and instrument are the nerve center, operation center and safety barrier of modern industrial equipment, transportation, energy, national defense, major public welfare equipment, etc. its function is to monitor and control the whole process and product quality, ensure the safe and reliable operation of industrial major equipment and achieve efficient optimization.

Therefore, the promotion of manufacturing automation is one of the core technologies to enhance China's industrial competitiveness and the basis for the integration of industrialization and industrialization. Promoting independent innovation of industrial control technology, mastering the dominant power of industrial control industry development, and reversing the passive situation of relying too much on foreign technology and being controlled by others are the core issues and unavoidable strategic tasks of the current revitalization of equipment industry.

The current situation and reasons of the overall backwardness of China's industrial control industry

It is difficult for domestic control systems to enter the key, core and main equipment of major projects, and most of this market is still monopolized by foreign industrial control systems.

The lagging development of industrial control is one of the key reasons why China's industry is large but not strong, and it also poses a threat to industrial security and national economic security.

At present, China's independent development of PLC industrial control system, the most needed is to form a highly universal industrial control system platform.

China's industrial control industry is generally in a weak position, and there is still a gap of 10-15 years with the international advanced level. The industry situation can be summarized as follows: large technology gap, low market trust, strong competition of foreign capital, etc.