In the era of big data, help "intelligent fire protection"!

time :2020-09-29 scanning :

Big data contains great wisdom, and new technology leads the new era.

"Whoever has the data has the initiative."

In recent years, the provincial Party committees and governments have seized the great historical opportunity of building the national "big data" Comprehensive Experimental Zone, raised the development of "big data" industry to the strategic level of the whole province, accelerated the promotion and made a strong breakthrough.

In the 21st century, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation triggered by information technology and Internet has a more profound impact on the process of human progress. In recent years, local fire departments are catching up with the pace of the times, actively trying and exploring new technologies, accumulating rich experience and mechanism, and have made great achievements and benefits.

It can easily improve the accuracy of fire inspection several times, make the fire fighting and rescue command system realize one key scheduling, and realize 24-hour fire control supervision for high-rise buildings. New technologies such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence are applied to the field of fire protection, just like the "strongest brain", accelerating the operation and adding "smart wings" to the fire protection work.

Under the overall framework of informatization set up by the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, the fire departments of all localities have carried out the informatization construction and application in an all-round way, forming a new pattern of comprehensive, full staff and whole process application of informatization, showing a new situation of "a hundred flowers blooming".

According to incomplete statistics, about 280 cities across the country have proposed or are in the process of building "smart cities", with a total planned investment of nearly trillion yuan. Relying on the "smart city" to build "smart fire control", intelligently command strong combat power, consolidate the foundation with massive data, predict risks and establish early warning mechanism.

Build an "integrated platform", build a comprehensive business management service platform for fire big data, integrate resources, create an integrated management service platform, and gather data to realize the linkage and intercommunication of various departments. For example, Yichang's five level fire management grid makes it possible for countless information to be transformed into big data of fire control and serve fire fighting work. Suzhou detachment has developed "fire eye" system to predict building fire risk.

The secret of the industrial age is division of labor, and the magic weapon of the Internet age is integration. Many regions have begun to provide standardized data interface, collect and integrate information data of detachment information system and relevant departments, and conduct centralized display, integrated management and information sharing of these system data. "Analysis, research and judgment" accurately locates the weak links of fire hazards, analyzes the work quality of troops and individuals at all levels vertically, and compares similar work among other units and individuals in the province horizontally. In May this year, the launch of Jiangsu fire big data integrated business management service platform is the integration of the Internet era.

Combined with the actual combat needs, intelligent applications present "a hundred flowers bloom"

In addition to relying on the overall planning of resources and the unified deployment of the general team, the construction of fire information and big data also requires the fire department to develop intelligent applications to solve their own unique problems in combination with the actual situation and problem needs of the jurisdiction. By applying big data, management services aim at "four improvements", improve the fire prevention and control level of high-rise buildings, improve the comprehensive management level of social fire protection, improve the refinement level of fire-fighting and rescue decision-making, and improve the management level of fire safety of units.

The intelligent fire management platform of huaguoyuan large-scale urban community in Guiyang city of Guizhou Province is aimed at "high density" community fire control. In addition, Wuhu fire brigade's "all people's social management", Shandong Province's Tai'an fire brigade's in-depth application of the Internet of things technology, opening the "location +" data application and other practical applications, suit measures to local conditions.

Science and technology have great potential. Embracing big data, governments at all levels are opening their minds and making every effort to promote the construction of fire information technology with the courage and determination of building a bridge between mountains and rivers. To meet the new era, the fire department is taking the initiative to provide the core driving force for "breaking the situation and breaking through the encirclement" of fire control work by using big data.

With the wide application of fire information and big data construction, it will plug in "wisdom wings" for fire protection work and promote the rapid development of fire protection.