2018 Sichuan Electric Power Exhibition ends successfully!

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On May 4, the Sichuan International Power Exhibition and exposition came as scheduled, bringing together elites from all over the world.

On May 6, the exhibition ended successfully. It starts with the roar of people and ends with a stream of people.

For three days, we were busy and happy.




Looking back at the exhibition site, we can find that countless wonderful scenes are worth our recollection.

Datang Intelligent Power Industry Exhibition


Datang intelligent electric power industry exhibition

Datang intelligent electric power industry exhibition

Datang intelligent has always adhered to the service attitude of being responsible for customers and products, as well as the purpose of "quality assurance, customer benefit", which attracted many customers' attention during the exhibition. Or visit the booth, or consult products, or negotiate cooperation Datang's family members are always full of energy and enthusiasm, and warmly communicate with friends from all over the world, introduce products and share experiences.

Datang intelligent electric power industry exhibition



In the coming and going exhibition, every "you" step into Datang intelligent exhibition hall, let us have more interaction and story. These days, you can always see you "confessing" to Datang intelligence. Today, the TV sophomore wants to tell you that it's really good to see you seriously!

Hand in hand, to a higher level

Datang intelligent electrical exhibition announcement

Before the exhibition, we made concerted efforts to prepare for the exhibition. After the exhibition, we persevered. All the partners of Datang devoted themselves to it with unremitting enthusiasm. The exhibition is a new starting point of cooperation between Datang and its customers, as well as a new bridge for the road of cooperation between Datang and customers. We will unswervingly adhere to do a good job in products and services, and we will meet friends with better quality.