It's said that romance and fire safety are better match~

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Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd

Chinese Valentine's day, the most romantic Chinese traditional festival, is loved by young couples. Where do you want to go on Valentine's day? KTV? cinema? bar? A candlelight dinner? Or a heart-shaped candle? Or brush a red envelope on her cell phone on time On this day, many people will express their feelings or celebrate in various ways. Datang intelligent friendship reminds lovers that they should pay attention to fire safety while pursuing romance, and do not "catch fire" at romantic moments.

Please do not put candles in the room to create a festive atmosphere

If you are careless, the candle may ignite the object

Please don't forget kitchen safety

Whether you cook by yourself

Or go out for dinner

Remember to close the gas valve in the kitchen

Please do not ignore the evacuation instructions in KTV / bar / cinema

In case of fire and other emergencies

Can be orderly and calm evacuation to the emergency exit

Please don't set off fireworks by mistake

It should be set off in a designated area or in an open area

Carefully check whether there is any residual fire after discharge

Finally, Zhuhai Datang Intelligent Electric Co., Ltd. is here to remind you

When you enjoy romance

Never neglect fire safety

I wish you all have lovers, happy Chinese Valentine's Day!